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Jean Frazier Leadership Institute


The Jean Frazier Leadership Institute at Sacred Heart Schools promotes a culture of leadership by providing authentic leadership experiences that create empowered leaders who seek to serve others. We believe that leadership can be taught through deliberate study and practice. The JFLI has created a four-part approach to leadership development including social emotional learning, skill-based learning, practice and reflection. The three pillars of the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute (Leadership, Service, Financial Literacy) combine to provide a comprehensive leadership development program that inspires students to discover their passion and their purpose.



Sacred Heart Academy Leadership Initiatives

At Sacred Heart Academy, every student is influenced by the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute. Beginning the summer before freshman year, students are introduced to leadership development at Frosh Start by exploring their own uniqueness they bring to the world. Throughout freshman year, students have two upperclassmen mentors through Navigation Team who guide them through the high school transition.



Leadership Certificate of Distinction

The Frazier Fellows program is the culmination of four years of comprehensive study and practice of leadership. Students will participate in a variety of authentic leadership experiences, keep a leadership portfolio, job shadow and present a final capstone project.   



Leadership at Sacred Heart Model School

Sacred Heart Model School inspires leadership in every student. By emphasizing the International Baccalaureate (IB) leaner profile attributes, classrooms become safe environments where students can take risks, develop a growth mindset and build confidence. Through the yearly stewardship program, students learn empathy and compassionate leadership. Leadership is infused throughout the curriculum.



Leadership at Sacred Heart Preschool

Sacred Heart Preschool believes that the earlier students can learn leadership the sooner they can make a positive difference. Through a curriculum framework that supports developing the whole child and emphasizing social-emotional learning, SHP is creating caring, compassionate and competent leaders.


SHP has embraced multi-generational mentorship to provide tangible role models for students. The Ursuline Sisters of Louisville visit SHP classrooms periodically and together they participate in activities to build community. The Level 3, 4 and 5 students at Sacred Heart Model School read to the preschool students and freshmen theology students from Sacred Heart Academy visit throughout the year. These mentor opportunities allow for the preschool children to see leadership in action from a broad range of ages, skills and groups.