Summer Camps


There are so many ways to spend your summer at Sacred Heart Schools!
Details for the 2023 Summer Camps are coming soon!

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doodleThis camp is the perfect place for young players who are interested in having fun and learning more about volleyball! Campers will develop ball skills and improve their individual and team play with Coach Versen and current SHA players. All skill levels are welcome.

3 years - 3rd grade • May 24-26 • 3pm-5pm • $75 • Coed

doodleSummer camp is a great place to learn and develop ball skills, and improve individual and team play with the award-winning Coach Versen and current SHA players. All skill levels are welcome.

4th-6th grade • July 13-15 • 8am-12pm • $125

7th-9th grade • July 13-15 • 1pm-5pm • $125

doodleYour camper will grow her game and broaden her skills in this camp run by the amazing Coach Moir and the current Sacred Heart BACK-to-BACK State Champion basketball players! Come learn from the best! All skill levels are welcome.

4th-9th grade • June 6-8 • 9am-1pm • $125

3 years - 3rd grade • June 6-8 • 2pm-4pm • $75 • Coed This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

doodleYour runner will enjoy four fun days learning more about cross country, meeting new friends, and honing her running skills! Camp is run by Coach Rick Heim and his staff as well as current Sacred Heart runners.  All skill levels are welcome.

5th-9th grade • June 6-10 • 9am-11:30am • $125

doodleCampers will join Coach Dennis Truman, his staff, and current SHA Lacrosse players to expand their gameplay knowledge and improve catching, throwing, and ground ball skills. They’ll grow their game, meet new friends, and have fun!

4th-9th grade • June 13-15 • 9am-1pm • $125

doodleJoin new Varsity Coach Shaun Francis, his staff, and current SHA Soccer Stars for a fun week of camp to develop ball-handling skills and field awareness and learn more about the game! All skill levels are welcome.

3 years-3rd grade • June 13-15 • 2pm-4pm • $75 • Coed

4th-9th grade • June 13-15 • 5pm-9pm • $125

doodleWhether brand new to the sport or hitting bullseyes for years, your archer will have fun with SHA’s Archery team and coaches this summer!

Intermediate/Advanced Archers
June 20-22 • 9am-11:30am • $125 • Coed


Beginner Archers
June 20-22 • 12pm-2:30pm • $125 • Coed

This newest craze is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong and is growing in popularity with players of all ages! Beginner and seasoned pickleballers are welcome! 

5th-9th grade • June 20-22 • 8am-10am • $75 • Coed

doodleCoach Mitchell, current KY State Coach of the Year, and her staff will lead three days of age-appropriate field hockey fundamentals and gameplay. Campers will learn from current State Champion SHA players. All skill levels are welcome.

4th-8th grade • July 11-13 • 9am-1pm • $125

9th grade • July 11-13 • 3pm-7pm • $125

doodleCampers will join Varsity coach Whitney Thompson to hone their tennis skills, work with current SHA State Champion players, and improve their singles and doubles match play.  All skill levels are welcome.

3rd-9th grade • July 11-13 • 8am-12pm • $125 This session is full. 


doodleCampers will enter the world of coding and robotics, exploring both block and html coding using computers and robots in this hands-on camp. Camp will include Sohero, Dot and Dash, Lego robots, and Ozobots, and various coding sites and activities including Bloxels and Scratch. 

4th-6th grade • June 13-17 • 9am-12pm • $125 • Coed This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

doodleCalling all super sleuths!! Does your child love to solve mysteries? Do they like using clues to solve puzzles and can’t get enough of the breakout/escape room activities and enjoy a good “whodunnit”? Join us for a week of super-sleuthing at Sacred Heart!

4th-8th grade • June 27-July 1 • 9am-12pm • $125 • Coed

doodleThrough a series of fun projects, campers will explore the principles of design and learn to navigate new digital mediums like Photoshop. As we see how contemporary artists and illustrators create digital work, campers will practice using tools that will make them better animators, artists, and creative thinkers. 

6th-8th grade • June 6-10 • 1-4 pm • $125

doodleHave you seen these beautiful signs, posters and social media posts? Hand lettering is an artistic skill similar to calligraphy that uses letters to create beautiful designs. It is a great way to express your creativity! Campers will learn the basics of hand lettering and have fun creating pieces of art to take home.


4th-8th grade • June 27-July 1 • 1pm-4pm • $125 • Coed

doodleCampers will develop basic sewing skills and create handmade treasures they will love. They will learn to repurpose clothing items in their closet or from a thrift store to create new fashions and designs.

5th-8th grade • June 6-10 • 1pm-4pm • $125 This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

doodleCampers will be grouped based on age to learn, explore, and experience the most popular festivals and gourmet foods in China and other Asian countries. They’ll experience the excitement through food, arts and crafts, songs, and poems - all in the Chinese language! 

 K-5th grade • June 6-10 • 9am-2pm • $250 • Coed

doodleCampers will experience the cultures of Asian festivals through crafts, dance, and song. They’ll cook and enjoy Chinese foods and learn the names, keywords, and sentence structures of the festival and food culture in Chinese. Students will also be speaking and writing in Chinese every day.

6th-12th grade • July 25-29 • 1pm-4pm • $125 • Coed


Does your son or daughter love Encanto?  If so, they will enjoy this week of Spanish immersion and fun. But we won’t talk about Bruno!

K-3rd grade • June 13-17 • 9am-12pm • $125 • Coed This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

doodleCampers will expand their palates while focusing on cuisine from different countries every day.  They will enjoy hearing from guest speakers, learning cooking techniques, and making delicious dishes from Spain, France, Morocco, China, and Italy.  

4th-8th grade • June 6-10 • 9am-12pm • $125 • Coed (Two spots remaining!)

doodleCampers will learn cake decorating techniques, the different types of icings, making and using fondant, and how to ice and pipe. They will, of course, spend time decorating their yummy treats to share with the family!

4th-8th grade • July 11-15 • 9am-12pm • $125 • Coed This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

4th-8th grade • July 11-15 • 1pm-4pm • $125 • Coed This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

doodleCampers will walk away feeling confident and inspired! They will spend the mornings with reflections and meditation followed by a “table talk” discussion on self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. After each discussion, the girls will complete a fun and empowering activity that encourages them to say YES to a world of endless possibilities.  

4th-8th grade • June 13-15 • 9am–12pm • $75

doodleRising 8th graders will get acquainted with testing and topics found on the High School Placement Test. They’ll become familiar with content and structure, test-taking techniques, and take a pre-HSPT. Campers will receive feedback to evaluate their strengths and identify areas for improvement. 

8th grade • July 11-15 • 9am-12pm • $125

doodleLed by SHA's Service Learning Coordinator and Jean Frazier Leadership Institute, campers will take part in meaningful and fun service activities benefitting our community and earn service hours. They’ll gain confidence and discover their personal leadership style through the development of communication and collaboration skills and explore Sacred Heart's empowering leadership environment in fun, practical ways!

6th-9th grade • July 18-20 • 9am–12pm • $125

doodleSHA (incoming) freshmen will enhance their study and organizational skills by developing strategies for test-taking, time-management, goal setting, and note-taking. Set your rising 9th grader on the path to success at SHA and beyond as she builds confidence and meets future classmates.

9th grade • July 26-28 • 9am-12pm • $75

doodleWant to get a head start on the Common App? Wondering what colleges really look for when reviewing your application? Worried about meeting deadlines? SHA senior counselors and a college admissions representative will give you a detailed overview of the Common Application, help you get started on your application, and answer your questions. Offered to SHA rising Seniors only.

August 1 • 9am-12pm • SHA Library • $25


doodleCampers will dance with Sleeping Beauty and the five fairies in one of the grandest classical ballets! They will explore basic ballet techniques and terminology, learn the Dance of the Bluebirds, tell a story through music, create a memory book of their Sleeping Beauty experience, and have loads of fun!

4-5 years • June 6-10 • 10am-11:30am • $125 • Coed

doodleCampers will enter the enchanted world where Swans come to life as real people! They’ll explore basic ballet techniques and terminology, learn to look like swans through dance and movement, discover how to tell a story through music without words, create a memory book of their Swan Lake experience and have fun!

6-7 years • June 6-10 • 1pm-3pm • $125 • Coed

doodleBeginning dancers who love to dance with ROCKIN’ music will love this jazz and hip hop camp. Campers will learn new moves and fundamentals of these two popular genres of dance!

2nd-5th grade • July 11-15 • 10am-12pm • $125 • Coed

doodleThose campers who’ve already been introduced to jazz and hip hop will love this intermediate dance camp where they’ll improve on fundamentals and learn new moves.


6th-8th grade • July 11-15 • 1pm-3pm • $125 • Coed

doodleCampers will produce a musical from start to finish in just three weeks! They’ll gain invaluable theatrical experience with auditions, music and dance rehearsals, technical theatre training, costume fittings and one-on-one drama instruction, and you’ll enjoy the show as camp concludes!

5th-9th grade • June 6-24 • 9am-3pm • $375 • Coed

doodleJoin us in “The Room Where It Happens” for a musical theater Master Class camp like no other!  Delve into this Broadway hit through games, improv, vocal skills, music, and movement.  Your superfan will meet, hear, and learn from one of the show’s cast members and our veteran student actors and teachers!

5th-12th grade • June 16-17 • 9am-1pm • $125 • Coed

doodleYoung actors will delve deeper into various distinctive styles of theatre including Improv, Musical Theatre, One Acts, and Pantomime. On the final day, campers will perform a showcase to highlight their theatrical acumen.

5th-9th grade • July 5-15 • 9am-12pm • $250 • Coed

Are you looking for Drama, mystery, and Intrigue? Look no further. Sacred Heart is offering a new camp called Mystery Theatre Mayhem!
How can you write and perform a show in one week?! That’s only part of the mystery! Join us for the fun and excitement of creating a mysterious story with a big twist ending! Imagine all the fun of doing a show with Mr. Joseph, only this time, YOU create the story! YOU decide the ending! YOU have a huge part in bringing it all together. The real mystery is, will YOU sign up before it’s too late?? 
4th-8th grade • July 25-29 • 9am-3pm • $245 • Coed

doodleIncoming SHA freshmen will gain confidence in their stage performance and get to know SHA’s drama program and student actors. They’ll learn each step in the audition process from resume, headshots, and audition skills to working in an ensemble. Each camper will have a private voice coaching session during the week. 

9th grade • July 25-29 • 10am-3pm • $125

doodleCampers will enjoy a week of fun, creativity and artistic growth exploring a wide variety of media such as fiber art, drawing, painting, and sculpture as they create one-of-a-kind works of art. Clear the refrigerator and window sills so you’re ready for these masterpieces!

K-5th grade • July 11-15 • 9am-12pm • $250 • This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

K-5th grade • July 11-15 • 1pm-4pm • $250 • This session is full. Please join the Wait List via the registration process.

K-5th grade • June 27 - July 1 9am-12pm • $250 • New Session

doodleBudding artists will develop their skills and portfolios while creating artwork in a wide range of media from fiber art to charcoal to acrylic paint and so much more! Watch as campers build their creativity and confidence!

6th-12th grade • June 27 - July 1 • 1pm-4pm • $250 • Coed