2022-2023 Sacred Heart Schools Scholarships


Click here for a directory of SHS scholarships. Some scholarships on this list are currently unavailable for the 2022-2023 school year.


Please note that, of the scholarships available, third party scholarships require the applicant to have direct contact with the provider and are not awarded by Sacred Heart Schools. Third party scholarship recipients are not eligible to compete in sanctioned KHSAA athletics.



Click here to access the 2022-2023 Scholarship Application



All need-based scholarships also require the completion of the FACTS Management Company financial aid form. Candidates will not be considered eligible for need-based assistance/awards until the FACTS process is complete. The completed FACTS form must be submitted by January 31, 2022 for Sacred Heart Model School and Sacred Heart Academy.



Information on FACTS and the financial aid process can be found on the Tuition Assistance and Scholarships page for each school.


Sacred Heart Academy Tuition Assistance and Scholarships

Sacred Heart Model School Tuition Assistance and Scholarships

Sacred Heart Preschool Tuition Assistance and Scholarships


Separate financial aid and scholarships made available through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF), the Archdiocese of Louisville, local parishes and School Choice are awarded independently of Sacred Heart Schools and may also require completion of the FACTS form.


Questions regarding scholarship criteria may be directed to the admissions/enrollment office of the school for which you are applying.