2023-2024 Sacred Heart Schools Scholarships

Please note that, of the scholarships available, third-party scholarships require the applicant to have direct contact with the provider and are not awarded by Sacred Heart Schools. Third-party scholarship recipients are not eligible to compete in sanctioned KHSAA athletics.


All need-based scholarships also require the completion of the FACTS Management Company financial aid form. Candidates will not be considered eligible for need-based assistance/awards until the FACTS process is complete. 

Information on FACTS and the financial aid process can be found on the Tuition Assistance and Scholarships page for each school.


Sacred Heart Academy Tuition Assistance and Scholarships Information


Sacred Heart Model School Tuition Assistance and Scholarships Information



Scholarship Details and Applications

The scholarship application deadline is February 10, 2023.

To view details about an individual scholarship, please click on the name of each below. From there, you will have the opportunity to apply for each scholarship that is applicable.



This endowed scholarship provided by Claire Alagia, SHA ’76, Marie Alagia Cull, SHA ’72 and Margie Alagia Ingram, SHA ’78 will enable an SHA student to experience the core values and full involvement of a SHA experience.  The Alagia Family wishes to support a student with financial need who possesses a positive attitude and strong work ethic, in addition to being involved with extracurricular activities. 
This endowed scholarship is in memory of Rosa Lee Amshoff Miranda ‘23 and in appreciation of the life enriching value of the excellent educational foundation and strong spiritual formation the Miranda/Elpers family received at Sacred Heart Schools and a desire to provide such benefits to future generations of young women at SHA.
The Charles A. Brown, Jr. Family Endowed Scholarship in honor of his wife Elise A. Brown ’58; his daughters Catherine B. Brown ’83 and Rebecca S. Brown ’85 and his granddaughters Alexis V. Rueff ’13 and Skylar E. Rueff ’16 was established in 2013 in appreciation of the life enriching value of the excellent educational foundation and strong spiritual formation his family received at Sacred Heart Schools and a desire to provide such benefits to future generations of young women at SHA.  This scholarship will provide financial aid to in-coming freshmen who are academically motivated and financially challenged.
This scholarship will provide financial aid to an incoming freshman who attended a catholic elementary school but requires financial aid in order to continue her catholic education.  This student will maintain a B average and show a preference towards STEM programming.  This scholarship is renewable.
The purpose of the Hale Family Endowemnt is to provide financial aid to a student that wishes to attend SHA but lacks the financial resources.  The scholarship may be renewed throughout her years at SHA.
Purpose of the fund is to provide tuition assistance ot a student with financial need that wishes to attend SHA, with the preference given to a St. Agnes student, if applicable.
This scholarship was endowed by an SHA alumna who believes she has excelled in life due to the strong education and values she received at SHA.  This purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a student in need that exhibits leadership skills and an interest in public policy.  Preference will be given to a student that maintains a 3.0 grade point average.  A 300 word essay should be submitted with the application.
The Lintner Family Scholarship was established by Kathy and Jim Lintner and Meredith Lintner Metzmeier ’91, in recognition of Susan Lintner Combs ’64, Ann Lintner Faurest ’65, M. Janice Lintner ’72, Jacque Lintner McMurry ’74, Maureen Ellington Lintner ’78, Megan Faurest Johnson ‘98, Mackenzie McMurry ’07, Claire McMurry ‘11, Mary Ellen Lintner Vorwald ‘11, Lauren M. Frey ’17 and K. Ainsley Metzmeier ‘20.  This need-based scholarship was created to assist a Sacred Heat Academy student in their quest for a quality education.  It is to be awarded to an incoming freshman and is renewable each year as long as the student demonstrates financial need and maintains acceptable academic performance.
This SHA scholarship is in honor of a former SHA principal, Dr. Beverly McAuliffe who served tirelessly from 2001 to 2012.  Dr. McAuliffe was a dedicated leader who passionately worked to increase accessibility to the great Catholic education and values at SHA for as many eligible students as possible.  This scholarship provides tuition support to those qualifying for financial aid and exhibits the core values and mission of Sacred Heart Schools.  
This scholarship was created to honor the memory of Erin Sheer, a 1996 SHA graduate, who passed away in 2005.  Erin was what everyone around her described as a “great friend,” and she provided leadership among her peers in her own way. Interested in art, Erin devoted a great deal of time to painting and expressing herself. This scholarship will provide partial tuition support to an incoming SHA freshman who has expressed an interest in studying art.  It is a non-financial need-based scholarship.
In one of her many writings on St. Angela, Sr. Martha notes that Angela encouraged people to be “open and gracious and hospitable” to others.  Olga Buser Smith lived by those qualities, and they continue to define Sr. Martha.  The Buser/Smith Scholarship goes to an SHA student who demonstrates financial need and honors the lives of these sisters with the idea that the recipient, through her education at SHA will grow to understand the importance of community, leadership, reverence and service.
Roy and Susan Toutant established this scholarship in 2018 to provide financial aid to an incoming SHA Freshman who is academically motivated, financially challenged and who would otherwise be unable to attend SHA.   Preferential consideration will be given to students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math subjects.
This scholarship will provide financial assistance for incoming SHA freshmen who attended a Catholic grade school and family traditions are in the Catholic faith.  The student should be academically motivated, financially challenged and otherwise not able to attend SHA.
The Violi Family created this merit-base renewable service scholarship in 2019 in honor of their beloved wife, mother and grandmother, Nancy Lee Violi. To qualify, the student must be Catholic, attend and graduate from a Catholic grade school, and demonstrate the importance of service in one's life. It is strongly suggested that the candidate write a paragraph explaining how "service has already positively affect my young life. The recipient is eligible to apply for renewal of her scholarship if she maintains a 3.0 GPA, remains in good behavioral standing, and earns Service Honor Roll status each subsequent year.  
This scholarship established in memory of Jamie Yater SHA ’97 by her mother, Denise Yater, her sister, Stephanie Yater Mattingly ’97, and many other family members and friends.  The purpose is to provide financial need to a qualifying SHA student or students, is actively involved in SHA activities and athletics, maintains a 3.0 GPA, is an accepted SHA ninth grader with a “B” average from her previous school.  It is renewable, but the student must reapply yearly and meet the requirements. 

Established by the Sacred Heart Schools Board of Trustees, this scholarship is to provide financial aid in attracting students to Sacred Heart Schools who adds socio-economic diversity to the student body.  It is available to any student demonstrating financial need within the four Sacred Heart Schools.

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The Hubbs Kopp Endowed Scholarship was established by Jerry and Mary Ann Kopp Hubbs, SHA '59.  The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assitance to a student that wishes to attend SHA but could not do so without the assistance from this scholarship.  The student should be Christian and be able to maintain a 2.7 GPA.



Click here for a directory of SHS scholarships. Some scholarships on this list are currently unavailable for the 2023-2024 school year.


Separate financial aid and scholarships made available for K-8 students through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF), the Archdiocese of Louisville, and local parishes are awarded independently of Sacred Heart Schools and may also require completion of the FACTS form.


Questions regarding scholarship criteria may be directed to the admissions/enrollment office of the school for which you are applying.