The IB Advantage


Some schools promise you the world.

Sacred Heart Schools will teach you how to change it.


Forward-thinking, future-looking and globally-focused, Sacred Heart School's International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is a comprehensive, inquiry-based approach to learning that benefits every classroom and every student. 

The IB is recognized across the world for its innovative approach to education. It is with a strong commitment to our mission to inspire diverse learners to become globally minded, compassionate leaders, that Sacred Heart Schools strategically adopted this world-leading best practice and framework. The IB paradigm is a dynamic cycle of inquiry, action and reflection that empowers students to identify their passions, explore relationships between different academic disciplines and connect their learning to the world outside the classroom. This transdisciplinary cycle takes learning far beyond memorizing or even understanding concepts, to connecting the dots, and promoting engagement and action to bring about meaningful change.


SHS strongly believes it is important to place an equal focus on academics and other transferable skills in order to best prepare students for success beyond the classroom. While being challenged by a demanding academic curriculum, IB students are also gaining important life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creativity. Even more important are character qualities such as persistence, curiosity, initiative and cultural and social awareness. Sacred Heart Schools is teaching children how to learn while empowering each student to develop a lifelong love of learning. IB students graduate with the knowledge AND the tools they need to be successful in high school and college and are prepared to become responsible citizens who are ready to change the world.


The commitment of our administrators and faculty to embark on this pedagogical transformation and their dedication to the necessary professional development are hallmarks of our IB success. Sacred Heart Schools is one of few IB World School Districts in the United States. 






Students nurture their natural curiosity and develop a life-long love for learning.



Students explore knowledge across a range of disciplines and engage with issues of local, national and global significance.



Students learn to think critically and creatively in order to tackle complex problems.



Students understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively, including a second language. They work in collaboration with others.



Students are honest, fair and act with integrity. They take responsibility for their actions.



Students embrace other cultures, seeking to understand and appreciate the personal histories, values and traditions of others.



Students have a commitment to service and act with empathy, compassion and respect.



Students are brave when faced with challenges. They explore new ideas and innovative strategies and understand that failure is part of the learning.



Students understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being.



Students give thoughtful consideration to our own learning and experiences and are able to assess their strengths and limitations for greater personal development.



The idea of being in service to the world aligns with our Ursuline values of Community, Reverence, Service and Leadership. As IB Learners rooted in the legacy of a long Ursuline history of Catholic education, we are ready to change the world.