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Mission, Vision and Core Values


The Mission of Sacred Heart Schools

Sacred Heart Schools, a Catholic community rooted in the Ursuline tradition, inspires diverse learners to become globally-minded, compassionate leaders.

The Vision of Sacred Heart Schools

To be an internationally recognized Catholic school that inspires students, empowers faculty, and transforms the world.

Ursuline Core Values

Our Core Values of Reverence, Service, Leadership, and Community are woven together to empower the Sacred Heart community to live Christ-centered lives rooted in the Catholic faith and Ursuline tradition.

Reverence is at the heart of our actions resulting in mindful relationships built with compassion. We act with an abiding respect for God, ourselves, each other, and all of creation.

Service is born of reverence. It calls us to be intentional stewards and advocates who contribute to our common home and family. We collaborate with those we serve to address needs, making the world a better place.

Leadership is an act of service that positively shapes the community. We act as leaders by compassionately serving the needs of others, being risk-takers that go beyond expectations, and seeking to inspire. 

Community is a fellowship of support and connection, where we call each other by name while serving our neighbors, peers, and the world through inclusivity, listening, and bridge-building.

Together, we celebrate our love for God, our diverse family, and our work in education as we strive to become globally minded, compassionate leaders.