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Strategic Plan Angela's Vision


Sacred Heart Schools Strategic Plan 2016-2021

During the 2016-2016 school year, a strategic planning committee was assembled, comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, parents, alums and executive leadership. After much discussion, the Board of Trustees for Sacred Heart Schools approved five aspirations, along with their respective goals and objectives. This document will guide SHS in its strategic direction from 2016-2021. The plan is titled Angela's Vision 2016, in keeping with our Ursuline identity. Below is a list of the five guiding aspirations:

We Aspire:

  • To strengthen a vibrant, student-centered community of Catholic schools recognized for their model character-building environment and their emphasis on the development of compassionate and just leaders.

  • To attract and retain a diverse and exceptionally talented faculty and staff who engage students in a supportive and rigorous educational experience.

  • To enhance the educational experience by enrolling and developing students from varied socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

  • To immerse students in an education that is seamless, technologically-balanced and globally-conscious.
  • To establish exemplary learning environments supporting the development of the whole person and characterized by superior facilities and high standards of environmental stewardship.

Click here to view a pdf with both goals and objectives for each aspiration.