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Strategic Plan - Sacred Heart Forever


Sacred Heart Schools Strategic Plan 2022-2026

During the 2020-21 school year, a strategic planning committee was assembled, comprised of faculty, staff, administrators, parents, alums, and executive leadership. After much discussion, the Board of Trustees for Sacred Heart Schools approved five aspirations, along with their respective goals and objectives. This document will guide SHS in its strategic direction from 2022-2026. The plan is titled Sacred Heart Forever, Honoring our Past, Building our Future, in keeping with our Ursuline identity. Below is a list of the five guiding aspirations:

We Aspire:

To purposefully engage students and our community in the Ursuline core values, in meaningful service to others, and in opportunities to experience our broader world more deeply.

To enhance our academic experience by establishing a holistic and seamless curriculum across all schools and by implementing collaborations with other schools throughout the world

To create and commit to a more diverse, welcoming, and inclusive campus culture and community.

To increase the amount of financial aid and personal support available so that more students and families can attend and thrive. 

To modernize our facilities and create innovative learning spaces which promote environmental sustainability and community engagement.