Sacred Heart Schools Presents Francesconi Award of Integrity

With great enthusiasm and admiration, we celebrate Ms. Tricia Forde, this year's recipient of the Charles Francesconi Award of Integrity.

Every year, the recipient of this prestigious award represents the charism, mission, and core values of Sacred Heart Schools and the Catholic Church in all that he or she does, which is true of Ms. Forde.  Her commitment and dedication to this campus's students, teachers, staff, Sisters, and leadership is unfaltering.   


Each day, her work on this campus is to help our students become globally-minded and compassionate leaders by embracing the diversity of the learning styles here.  

She consistently and continuously demonstrates reverence through her faith and involvement in her parish, Holy Spirit, and by setting the example of what it means to love and respect God and others. 


Ms. Forde demonstrates service through her commitment to our community and overall focus on the stewardship components of our curriculum.  Each student learns that we are here to serve the needs of others and make the world a better place. In addition, she supports many organizations in our greater Louisville community.


Through her time as a classroom teacher, IB Coordinator, and assistant principal, she has led with integrity while allowing others to learn how to lead. She is a great listener who can build bridges across the community. The International Baccalaureate program at Sacred Heart Schools would not be where it is today without her leadership, guidance, and commitment. 


Francesconi Award


Ms. Forde has been the bedrock of the Sacred Heart Model School community through many transitions in leadership and staff.  She is a part of our family and will continue to be a role model for us all, personally and professionally. 


Help us celebrate Ms. Forde and this distinct honor.