Interlude 2023, a record-breaking success!

Interlude 2023 was a RECORD-BREAKING success, thanks to the outstanding leadership and dedication of our Interlude Committee, led by Lara Tjin A Tam, Lynn Theriot, and Brooke Wachtel, as well as our board and many supporters! Our community, indeed, is ALL HEART!

Amidst power outages and basketball games, our Sacred Heart Community showed up and supported Sacred Heart Schools in a fantastic way. Everyone at Sacred Heart Schools is grateful to you for choosing this opportunity to voice your support for our schools, campus, students, faculty, and leadership.

For the second straight year, Interlude raised a record-setting amount. Interlude 2023 raised over $600,000 for our schools – an increase of 34% from the previous record! It was also one of our largest-attended Interlude events, helped by the move to the Galt House, with more than 500 parents, grandparents, alums, faculty and staff, and friends dancing the night away!

Our annual Lead with Heart campaign more than doubled last year’s success raising over $81,000 for tuition assistance, Interlude sponsorships increased by 17% over last year, and individual reservations for the event almost doubled.

Interlude was a huge fundraising success for Sacred Heart Schools, and we are beyond grateful to all who supported the event. But the success of the night is about more than the money raised. The atmosphere was electric, and the room was bursting with laughter, smiles, and fun. Guests danced into the night with a great band, building community across our four campus schools and celebrating both the legacy and the future of Catholic Ursuline education at Sacred Heart Schools.

We are already looking forward to next year!

Interlude 2023 - All Heart

Thank you to our AMAZING sponsors!

Interlude Sponsors 1


Interlude Sponsors 2


Interlude Sponsors 3

Congratulations to our Raffle Winners!

$25,000 – SHP parent Jesse Bray

$5,000 – SHA grandparent Louis A. Kosse


Congratulations Wheel of Chance Winners!

1. Lauren Theobald

2. Kevin Young

3. Leslie McNulty

4. Jim Connors

5. Melissa Morris

6. Kevin Crabtree, Jr

7. Rhonda Day

8. Brianna Vitt

9. Celia Catlett

10. Gigi Hildenbrand

11. Kevin Crabtree, Jr

12. Brad Connell

13. Jennifer Hagan

14. Suzanne Bowman

15. Pamela Braun

16. Jennie Hirtzel

17. Stephanie Williams

18. Emily Franconia

19. Kristin Matula

20. Gerry Kauffmann

21. Kittie George

22. Matt Haunz

23. David Burianek

24. Katy Mackin

25. Elizabeth Jones

26. Michele Oberst

27. Ashley Eifler

28. Ade Omoruyi

29. Tammy Pate

30. Tara Moter

31. Carl Daley

32. Justin Frye

33. Kristin Stuedle

34. Kenneth MacKinlay

35. Beth Kozal

36. Baylee Strause

37. Somer Neff

38. Jim Connors

41. Whitney Buente

43. Melissa Blumberg

44. Dennis Roach

45. Amy Heilman

46. Gail Deye

47. Kelly Schmidt

48. Theresa Wells

49. Nyx Sherwin

50. Gaily Deye

51. Margy Seebold

52. Shannon Furst