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As a member of our Sacred Heart family, whether you're a current parent, alumni, past parent, grandparent, faculty, or volunteer, you are an important part of the heritage of Sacred Heart Schools. You've sat in classrooms, played on fields, embraced the values, and shared the traditions. These experiences have left a permanent mark on you and now you have an opportunity to leave your permanent mark on the Ursuline Campus through the Stepping Stones Bricks and Pavers Project. An engraved brick or paver will memorialize your ties to Sacred Heart Schools while advancing the heritage of excellence that is our distinction.

Celebrate a graduation, honor a family member, commemorate a wedding, birth, team championship, anniversary or reunion, pay tribute to a faculty member who inspired, or give a special gift to a friend of Sacred Heart Schools.

For more information please contact Beth Clingaman, Vice President for Advancement.

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