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Multicultural Dinner Tickets

The name and contact info collected below should be for the person purchasing the tickets. At the completion of this form, you will be directed to the payment page to submit debit/credit card information. A receipt will be sent via email. Please print the receipt as this will serve as your ticket to the event.

Thank you! We look forward to being in community with you!


Please select the number of tickets you would like to purchase for guests ages 6 and over. ​​​​​​​
Young Children Tickets (age 5 and under)
Please select the number of tickets for chilrden ages 5 and under. There is no charge for this age group, but ask that tickets be reserved.​​​​​​​
School(s) represented**
Please check the boxes of the schools/organizations below with whom you are primarily affiliated. Select all that apply.​​​