Freshman Retreat

During the first month of the school year, all freshmen attend a one day retreat at the Flaget Center. The theme of the day is Uniqueness – each girl’s personal uniqueness and her unique relationship with God. A significant amount of time is also spent on community building. Activities include talks by older students, small group discussion, role-playing, games, and prayer.

Sophomore Retreat

Sophomores participate in an overnight retreat at Mount St. Francis. The theme is freedom and its accompanying responsibility. Activities include talks by older students and faculty, small group discussion, prayer, guided meditation, and a bonfire when weather permits. There is a daytime only option. New in 2014, there will be participation in the Teams course at Mount St. Francis.

Junior Retreat

Juniors have a two day, one night retreat program that directly corresponds to their social justice curriculum. CrossRoads Ministry at St. William Parish provides an inner city experience to increase awareness of poverty, homelessness, addiction, and other social justice issues. On the retreat, girls visit a variety of social service agencies and interact with the clients. They also spend time in reflection and prayer. There is a daytime only option for students who do not wish to spend the night.

Senior Retreat

Seniors may choose to participate in a three day, three night Christian Awakening retreat at Flaget Center. The retreat is led by faculty members and recent SHA graduates. It focuses on knowing and improving relationships with God, others, and self. There are a wide variety of talks, prayer opportunities, and reflection times. Many students consider senior retreat the highlight of their time at SHA and a life changing experience.

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