Gifts of Stock

If you own stocks or mutual funds with large unrealized gains in taxable accounts, there is a valuable tax strategy to consider. Further, if you are planning to make a donation to Sacred Heart, then consider donating appreciated shares in kind, instead of giving cash. 


The tax planning benefits of donating appreciated shares of stock or a fund include deducting the amount of the charitable donation and avoiding the unrealized gains on the appreciated shares. This is because of the general rule that the deduction for property donated to charity is equal to the fair market value of the donated property.


The procedure for transferring stock gifts to Sacred Heart depends on how it is held.  If the stock certificates are held in street name by a broker, the donor can provide the broker with written authorization to transfer the designated number of shares from the donor’s account.


If securities are held in the donor's possession they must be endorsed by all registered holders and either mailed or delivered to Hilliard Lyons, PNC Plaza 500 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40202.  The securities must be accompanied by a letter of instruction indicating that they have been gifted to and are “for deposit” to Sacred Heart Schools.


In order to avoid delays and complications, it is important for you to notify Sacred Heart Schools of the transfer.  Please supply our office with the name of the stock and the number of shares you will be transferring.  


For more information on stock gifts or to initiate a transfer, please contact Kim McIntyre, advancement services coordinator, at (502) 896-8681.

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