Founded in 1877 by the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Sacred Heart Academy has established many special traditions that bond even our newest Valkyries with the distinguished alumnae of our past.

Senior Prom

This unique and treasured tradition dates back to World War I and World War II. Senior prom is the most formal dance and is hosted in December. During war time it was difficult to find dates because so many young men were enlisted in the military, therefore senior prom was scheduled around Christmas when the soldiers would be on leave. The senior prom has been held in December ever since! In recent years, the senior prom is held on the first Friday of Christmas break at the Olmsted. Seniors and their dates enjoy a nice dinner and dancing


Graduates have carried a bouquet of red roses with them at the ceremony for many years. At the end of the ceremony, instead of throwing their caps, graduates tear off roses petals and throw them into the air to celebrate. The student council president has the honor of leading her class in turning their tassels and throwing their rose petals.

In the last few decades, at the Matriculation Mass, each freshman is given a single red rose by a senior to symbolize the beginning of her journey at Sacred Heart Academy.

Junior Ring Ceremony

SHA students receive their class rings in March or April of their junior year. At the ring ceremony, each junior is presented her ring by a special female role model in her life. The ceremony focuses on their responsibility to serve as the senior leaders in the school in the coming year. The juniors can spend the rest of the day with their families and friends. The celebration continues the same evening at their junior prom.

The Valkyrie

Why be just a girl when you can be a Valkyrie? Our mascot is the Valkyrie – a Norse mythological woman who carried the bodies of brave deceased warriors to Valhalla (heaven). At SHA, we consider a Valkyrie to be a strong woman of great faith!

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