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The complete high school experience is more than just going to class. Our commitment to educating the whole person means that we understand the importance of providing experiences outside of the classroom that enrich the lives of our students. At Sacred Heart Academy, you can be yourself, discover your talents, strengthen your skills, and build lasting friendships. Our students work hard in the classroom, but they also like to have fun!

Check out the many opportunities at SHA.

All-Girls Atmosphere

There are many unique opportunities available to our students because of the all-girl environment. Students are encouraged to speak up, ask questions, and share their ideas. At an all girls’ school you can put academics first,take challenges, become a leader, and have fun.

A 2009 report by UCLA’s Graduate School of Education and Information Studies* found that students from graduates from all-girls schools demonstrated the following:

· Greater academic achievement

· Higher SAT scores

· Greater interest in graduate school

· Higher academic self confidence

· Higher confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills

· Greater interest in engineering careers

· Stronger predisposition towards co-curricular engagement

· Greater political engagement

*The report was conducted by The Sudikoff Family Institute for Education and New Media at UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. Click here to read the entire report.


Sacred Heart Academy offers more than 40 clubs that allow students to identify new interests, and they can even start their own club. Students are encouraged to become involved with issues that they are passionate about and share their talents with school community.
Take a look at the club listing below.
Academic Team
--Future Problem Solving and Quick Recall
--JV Academic Team
Agape Club
Art and Photography Club
Best Buddies at SHA Club
Beta Club
Book Club
Breakfast Club
Chess Club
Computer Programming Club
Culinary Club
Current Events
Dead Poet’s Society
Diversity Leadership Team
Engineering Club
Environmental Science Club
Fandom Club
Farm to Fork
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Fight for Confidence Club
French Club/French Scrabble/French Honor Society
Future Doctors of America
Habitat for Humanity Club
Human Rights Club
Intramural Football/Intramural KickBall/Volleyball
Math Club/Math Team
Music Honor Society
National English Honor Society
National Honor Society
National Math Honor Society
Ophelia Mentor Program
Peer Tutoring Program
Red Cross Club
Sacred Heart Sisters
St. Joseph of Arimathea Society
Science Club
--Science Olympiad
Self Defense Club
Sign Language Club
Spanish Club
Spanish Honor Society
Speech and Debate Team
STAT (Students Today Alumnae Tomorrow) Club
Student Advisory Board
Student Council Advisors
--100 Club, CAC, Student Council
Student Y Club
Tech Savvy Gals
Teens Fighting Cancer
Valkyries for Wish
Yoga Club
Youth for Life
For more information about clubs, please contact Ms. Betsy Cowan, Dean of Students.


School activities are where some of the best high school memories are made. Sacred Heart Academy has it all from dances, athletic events, pep rallies, plays, school trips and much more!


Students have the opportunity to attend a semi-formal or formal dance each year at SHA:

Freshman Dance, Sophomore Dance, Junior Prom, and Senior Prom are offered.

Father/Daughter dance is a special occasion for the entire student body along with their fathers or a special male role model. Many students say this is their favorite dance of the year. Fathers of seniors wear tuxes while their daughters done their prom dresses.

Check out what makes our senior prom so unique by visiting the traditions page .

Spirit week and pep rallies

Valkyrie Pride is on full display during spirit week and at pep rallies. Spirit week, usually held in the spring, is an entire week when our students can show off their enthusiasm for SHA. Organized by the 100 (Pep) Club, students dress according to a different theme each day. Themes in recent years have included clash day, character day, Kentucky pride, and decades day.

The student body celebrates each athletic season with a pep rally where students wear their class color. Freshmen wear green, sophomores wear yellow, juniors wear red, and seniors done blue. The 100 club organizes fun games and teams and other school organizations are recognized for their achievements. A pep rally is also held to honor a team when they win a State Championship. Go Valkyries!

Freshman Year Activities

We know that the transition to a new school can seem overwhelming. That is why we offer many events for freshmen early in the school year and even in the summer to begin to make new friends and learn about Sacred Heart Academy.

Frosh Start

This one day program is offered a couple of weeks before school starts and is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to ease any of the nerves they have about starting a new school. They spend the day learning about all of the “ins and outs” of SHA from a group of trained seniors and teachers. Freshmen learn about how to manage their schedule, school cheers, who to go to for questions, and even how to open their lockers! They become familiar with the campus and the areas they will visit the most. This program is designed to help freshmen get the best start possible to high school!

Freshman Orientation

Orientation is the first day of school for the freshman class and is the day before school begins for the rest of the school. They attend each of their classes briefly to meet the teacher and help them navigate their schedules. A brief presentation is made by the administration and the Student Council executive officers followed by lunch in the cafeteria. The second part of the day is dedicated technology when students receive their iPads and begin learning how to use it to get the most out of their educational experience.

Field Day

Freshman field day is held during the first month of school. Freshman TEAM rooms (similar to homerooms) compete in fun field games while dressed in themed and colored costumes.

Freshman Retreat

All freshmen attend this one-day retreat the first month of school. This day off campus allows them to learn more about themselves, their relationship with God and meet new friends. For more information about the four year retreat program click here.

Frosh Blast

Frosh blast is a pajama party for the entire freshman class. The student council plans games and structured activities, but there is also free time for the girls when they can let loose and just have fun! This event is held in the fall semester.

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