Admissions Process

Choosing a high school can be a tough decision, but it can also be an exciting process. Exploring Sacred Heart Academy can be a lot of fun! From shadow days, future Valkyrie nights, and open house, there are many ways to discover if Sacred Heart Academy is right for you.

If you are visiting us for the first time please call the Enrollment Office at 502.896.3926 or fill out an admissions inquiry form. We welcome you and your family to visit to see first-hand why Sacred Heart Academy is a leader of excellence in girls’ high school education.

Here at SHA, we seek students who desire a Catholic education as well as a challenging curriculum that will prepare them for college and develop them into strong, faith-filled leaders. We strongly encourage any student interested in attending SHA to schedule a shadow day. Experience our school for yourself by sitting in on classes and meeting teachers and students!

Admission for Incoming 9th Graders

If you wish to enroll at Sacred Heart Academy after completing the 8th grade you should do the following:

1. Shadow and Attend Events

2. Take the Placement Test

After you have made your high school decision, the next step is to take the High School Placement Test at Sacred Heart Academy. This test is offered on December 8, 2018 at 9 a.m. It is designed to indicate your academic achievement and general aptitude to succeed in the challenging college preparatory program that we offer.

3. Acceptance Packets

High School Placement Test scores and acceptance packets will be mailed in mid-February.

4. Register

If accepted, you will attend Registration in March.

Admission for Transfer Students

Sacred Heart Academy does accept applications for transfer students who are already in high school. An admissions committee will review the application to determine if SHA’s academic program is a fit for you and if there is room in your academic level. For more on the admissions process for transfer students, click here.

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