Course Offerings

Classes at Sacred Heart Academy are designed to prepare you for the next step in your academic career. Teachers aim to challenge students while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, fostering curiosity and encouraging academic growth.

With more than 50 electives, you are able to choose courses that appeal to you. Interested in CSI? We have forensic chemistry. Do you want to start your own business? Take a look at entrepreneurship and business applications class. Elective courses allow you to explore your interests and potential career paths. Courses range from jewelry and accessory design, music theory, history of the holocaust, journalism and everything in between.

Check out the complete course listing by viewing the SHA Program of Studies here.

Required Course Outline
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Religion I Religion II Religion III Religion IV
English I English II English III English IV
Algebra I or II Geometry Algebra II or Higher Math Math
Biology Chemistry Physics
U.S. History World History U.S. Government (required 11th or 12th grade) or Social Studies (1/2 credit 11th or 12 grade)
World Language I World Language II
CCL/Health Presentation Communications Survey of Performing Art (1/2 credit)
Art (1/2 credit 11 or 12 grade

*Sequence of courses will vary for students pursuing the IB Diploma, the IB Art or IB music certificate.

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