Academic Levels

SHA offers four academic levels to meet the diverse needs of our college-bound students. While the general curriculum at each level is the same, the differences in instruction and assessment allow each student to achieve to her greatest potential. Students are placed into classes based on individual academic ability in the core subject areas. Administrators and faculty work with you every step of the way to make sure that you have a schedule that fits you. This means that you may be in a different math level than you are in English.

  • Honors: These courses are very rigorous, advanced-level, pre-college classes
  • College Prep I, II and III: These courses are challenging pre-college classes offered at varying degrees of complexity designated by a I, II or III.

College-level Courses
SHA students have the option to choose from 36 individual college-level courses including IB Diploma certificate courses, AP courses and dual-credit courses.

Students who successfully complete the full honors program their sophomore year are eligible to become an IB Diploma Candidate junior year. The IB Diploma program is a rigorous college preparatory curriculum which includes not only college-level courses, but further requirements including an in-depth extended essay, a critical thinking, theory of knowledge course, and elements of creativity, activity and service.

Academic Concentrations
SHA offers three four-year academic concentrations for students who wish to focus on a dedicated course of study at SHA – Computer Science, Visual Arts and Vocal Music Performance. While every student can take classes in all these areas throughout her time at SHA, those who have a sincere interest or talent in one of the concentrations, and who will potentially pursue a college major in the field are encouraged to register for the concentration.

At SHA, all students are inspired to transform the world.

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