The high school experience lays the foundation for success in nearly every part of life. First and foremost, this starts in the classroom. Sacred Heart Academy’s academic program is designed to challenge you and help you grow. You will earn more than a high school diploma. You will earn an education that lasts a lifetime.

To earn a diploma from Sacred Heart Academy, a student must successfully complete 26 academic credits. During each semester, students must take seven courses, including Religion, and have a TEAM period.

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Required Courses/Credits for Graduation

Sacred Heart Academy requires the following credits to graduate:

Religion 4 credits
English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits (math must be taken each year and include Algebra I, II and Geometry)
Social Studies 3 credits (U.S. History, World History, U.S. Government, and SS elective)
Science 3 credits (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
World Language 2 credits in same language
Health/Physical Education 1 credit (1/2 credit in each)
Presentation Communications & E-Media 1/2 credit (sophomores)
Community, Character, Leadership 1/2 credit (freshmen)
Arts/Humanities 1 credit (1/2 credit must be in Survey of Performing Arts or Choral Music)

Students may choose electives for remaining credits.

Block Scheduling

Sacred Heart Academy operates on a four block schedule each day, alternating between White Days (blocks A, B, C, D) and Blue Days (blocks E, F, G, H). Each block is approximately 90-minutes long. On blue days students have a TEAM period- a time to meet with teachers, work on group projects, go to the library, or have a quiet study. School Masses and assemblies also occur during TEAM period, so class instruction is not interrupted.



Block 1 8:00-9:40

Block 1 8:00-9:30

Passing 9:40-9:45

Passing 9:30-9:35

Block 2 9:45-11:15

Block 2 9:35-10:55

Passing 11:15-11:20

Passing 10:55-11:00

Block 3 11:20-1:10 (Lunch)

Block 3 11:00-12:50 (Lunch)

*1st Lunch 11:15-11:40

*1st Lunch 10:55-11:20

Passing 11:40-11:45

Passing 11:20-11:25

*2nd Lunch 11:45-12:10

2nd Lunch 11:25-11:50

Passing 12:10-12:15

Passing 11:50-11:55

*3rd Lunch 12:15-12:40

*3rd Lunch 11:55-12:20

Passing 12:40-12:45

Passing 12:20-12:25

*4th Lunch 12:40-1:10

*4th Lunch 12:25-12:50

Passing 1:10-1:15

Passing 12:50-12:55

Block 4 1:15-2:45

Block 4 12:55-2:15

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