Meet our Administrators and Faculty


Mrs. Mary Lee McCoy
Betsy Cowan '96
Assistant Principal - Dean of Students
Sheila Huff
Assistant Principal - Dean of Administrative Services
Amy Nall
Assistant Principal - Dean of Studies
Carrie Wentzel '97
Assistant Principal - Dean of Faculty

Administrative Services

Lisa Byerly
Andrea Ensminger
Ron Padgett- Substitute teacher/coordinator
Tommie Stewart
Kate Temple
Kathleen Towsley- Receptionist

Arts: Performing

Arts: Visual

Amy Baker- Department Chair
Marcia Franklin
Jared Hulstine

Athletics Department

Donna Moir '79 - Director
Mary Gordon Stough '10 - Assistant Director

Business, Communication, and Technology

Campus Store

Dianne Pickerill '77- Manager


Fran Dotson- Junior Counselor
Melba Driskill- College Counselor Assistant
Emily Johnson- Sophomore Counselor, A-Z
Betsy Kramer- Freshman Counselor, A-Z
Leslie O'Connor - Department Chair; Senior Counselor, A-K
Ron Padgett- Senior Counselor, L--Z


Health and Wellness

International Baccalaureate Program

Candace Kresse- Coordinator

Learning Differences

Emily Puffer- Department Chair and Coordinator
Carol Bzura - Assistant

Library Services

Brenda Franz-Assistant
Linda Lenahan '76 - Department Chair


Lauren Hitron '99 - Director




Social Studies

World Languages

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